Thursday, 25 August 2016

Golf Gold

There's a real buzz about golf at the moment, especially after the Olympic success in Rio, Brazil.

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I tuned in with excitement, after all this was history in the making, and not just for the cracking game of golf that the girls played, no this was the first time that golf had been played as an Olympic sport since 1900. I imagine a lot has changed since then in golf, most definitely the fashion! (thank god)

60 female players from around the world teed off in style, all competing for that golden chance to win a medal for their country. The pressure was on, the temperature rose as tee shots were hit across the green. It made for some fantastic TV viewing. 

Olympic Golf Women's Tournament, Rio Brazil 2016

The game of golf has long been dominated by men, women golfers have been excluded from male-only clubs and they don’t get the same amount of media coverage as male golfers. 

Women golfers are taking up the sport in their droves and it's easy to see why, it’s the perfect exercise (walking for 4-5 hours, hitting golfballs) it's pro-social, it's competitive, inclusive and also great for networking. (for more health benefits to taking up golf see Grab Your Golf Clubs and Go)

Female participation is soaring across Europe, with Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands seeing women players increase exponentially. In fact the women's game is growing faster than the men's! 

Yep WE are growing the game. Don’t we need a little more recognition for that?

Golf has this image of being for old fuddy-duddy types, well that’s just not the case anymore, look at some of the top female players, Lydia Ko (New Zealand), Lexi Thompson (USA) and Charley Hull (UK), they're giving the sport a new and fresh young feel with their energy and vitality.

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I saw a gap in the market for women golfers, I was unhappy with what was being offered to me, it was either too short or too revealing or too dull and boring, so I decided to create women's golfwear that was stylish, vibrant and fashion forward (See our summer collection here clothing that is ageless, our customers range from 25 to 65!! We also provide sizes 8 -16, and we can custom fit designs to your specifications.

Women’s golf is rocking right now, we have some of the youngest, talented and inspiring female golfers in the world playing the game. There hasn’t been a better time to enjoy a round of golf, and now that it's back in the Olympics, I'm certain that will only have a positive impact driving more new players to take up golf!

Huge congrats to Inbee Park for a fabulous game, you're well deserving of that golf gold!

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Summer Style 5.0

It's finally summer and we are loving it! If you're in the UK or Northern Europe you'll know it's been a long while coming, we've had months of rain and bleak skies but now we can finally lock away our raincoats (but perhaps keep an umbrella handy - this is UK after all, famous for unpredictable weather) and pull out the strappy sandals!

Here are my essential tips for effortless Summer Style...

1. Confidence is Sexy

Nothing looks better on you than confidence. No point having a killer figure if you're not confident about it, droopy shoulders and bad posture never looked good on anyone. Confidence hides any imperfections you may have too. So strut your stuff no matter what your size, race, gender or age, life's too short!

2. Fringe Benefits

This major trend returns every summer so you shouldn't be surprised to see it on t-shirts, dresses, bags and boots. Its a festival staple and should be in every Fashionistas wardrobe.

Sun, Sea & Hales Golfwear Tote! (Photo: Sabina Preloznik)

3. Be Bold

A Bold Statement Top is a must-have piece for summer. Keep it simple, keep it classy. Wear with paired down accessories to generate more wow factor. Hot.

Zip-Back Polo in Fuchsia, Hales Golfwear Summer Collection 2016

4. Sportsluxe

Everyone's at it. Stella McCartney. Chloe. You've probably seen it on the high street too. Sports inspired fashion popping up all over the place. I'm loving Chloe's over sized tracksuit bottoms, so perfect for lounging around at the weekend or teamed with a pair of heels for a killer sporty twist.

5. Colour Me Happy

Fuchsia, Coral, Turquoise, this seasons palette at Hales Golfwear is vibrant, fun, and looks fantastic with a tan. Pack away your winter neutrals and get colourful!

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