Saturday, 30 July 2016

Fun At The Fair

Today I'm at The London Textile Fair, the biggest textile event in town! I'm here to get fabric inspiration for our next collection, meet fabric suppliers from all across the world and have some fun!

The London Textile Fair is the UK’s premier platform for fashion fabrics and clothing accessories, it provides fabric and textile manufacturers and their agents with the opportunity to showcase their products to the most influential buyers and designers on the UK fashion scene. AKA - me ;)

I love fabric stores, for me they're akin to being set loose in a candy store, with every variety of tantalising sweet confection on display. Imagine having over 100,000 sq feet of that!

My eyes feast on colorful jerseys and jacquards from Turkey and Portugal, I can wrap myself in sumptuous knits from Italy, I can touch, feel, smell and try as much as I like. For free. You don't get that in a candy store. 

Now not every fabric store is like this, I've visited some dire ones, where the rolls of fabric hang limply on dust covered shelves and attempting to find anything you want is like attempting an assault course at an advanced level, yep you gotta climb, crawl and bend your way to get that satin trim you so badly need.

The London Textile Fair isn't like that. Thank god. No it's a orderly, neat, huge affair, where you can network and mingle and have coffee while you peruse the latest and trendiest fabrics on offer. You might bump into Stella McCartney while you're there, or the Head Buyer at Topshop. Everyone who's anyone goes. 

I'm really excited as I've found something special, it feels divine aganist my skin and has me all goose bumpy thinking about what I'll get to design from it. I also fall in love with a super soft stretchy knit, perfect for the coming winter months, I'm looking forward to seeing that on my customers for sure.

Fab. Fab. Fab!

Next we shimmy off to effortlessly cool and super urbanite Hackney. Paloma Faith has a home here, Leona Lewis grew up here, Lord Alan Sugar, Michael Fassbender, they've all called Hackney their home.

We are here to check out the new MORITO. I am practically drooling with high expectations. But I'll leave that for my next post! 

Have a fab weekend!!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

I Like it Black with Agave

Coffee is a drug. No doubt about it. A very legal drug. I used to hate coffee in my twenties. The smell, the taste, the coffee breath, ugh no thankyou. Then a few weeks ago I was at Borough Market with the bf and we decided to buy some Colombian coffee for my mum, or was it Venezuelan? Hmm. Ok anyway, the barista informed us that this coffee was super special with a rich body and a citrus finish. Sold.

Minimalism at its best from

My mum was delighted and made a pot to try it out. The aroma was nothing short of tantalizing. I ventured into the kitchen, following my nose.

"Want to try some?'


The word jumped out of my mouth before I had time to think. Hang on a second. I don't like coffee.

My mum gave me a delicate Egyptian style cup equal to roughly a shot of the stuff. Black. With a teaspoon of agave.
I sipped it hesitantly. Hmm. Not bad. I downed it and asked for another. This stuff was damn good.

Within an hour I was my most bubbly self (generally I'm reserved especially with people I don't know) I was getting design ideas, lots of them, answers to questions that had plagued me for weeks, having amazing conversations with magazine editors about Hales Golfwear, (lots of exciting stuff to come, so stay tuned) discussing world affairs, my brain must have been lit up like a Christmas tree cause I was on fire! 

Borough Market Illustration by Melda Gunaydin

Wow. Was this why billions of people drank coffee? Did they all experience this high? I was like that hot guy in Limitless, my brain had been activated. All of it. Amazing. If so then surely I was at a disadvantage if the rest of the world was drinking this liquid fuel and operating on full capacity and if I wasn't then could I truly compete? 

Or would it be like other drugs, the more you take the more your body gets accustomed to it and the more you need to have the same effect. You can never repeat your first high. Did I want to become a coffee addict guzzling cup after cup every day?

Not really. I don't like anything having power over me. So no I won't be buying a french press or stocking up on flavored syrups anytime soon. Coffee for me will remain a seldom-had treat. I will respect its power and dabble only occasionally...... was that a kettle I heard boiling? Ahem.

Hales Golfwear 

Monday, 18 July 2016


We went to Hackney's Morito over the weekend. We were celebrating. Life, love & following your passion. Without that you have nothing.

Morito is a openly wild affair, buzzing with loud chatter. There's no soft music playing in the background here, just happy excited voices exclaiming how good the food is. And it's true. It really is.

It's the kind of food that makes you wanna spend hours grazing, the kind of food that makes you wear your loose fitting jeans so you have more room, the kind of delicious, mouthwatering food that brings a smile to your face, and joy to your stomach.

Morito is a foodie haven. Serving North African/Spanish-influenced cuisine. It's impossible to order everything on the menu (even though you really really want to) which propels you to visit over and over again.

Every delectable dish is a chefs masterpiece in culinary delight. And #glutenfree foodies needn't be put off, our waiter happily pointed out what was gluten free for us, there's also a wealth of choice for veggie lovers too.

We had the duck with chicory & picos de europa, topped with a sublimely sweet rasin dressing. Grilled squid with courgettes, mint and marcona almonds, were refreshingly zesty. Oh and the Padron Peppers, beautuful salty bursts of sunshine. The fried aubergines in date molasses with whipped feta were seriously morish! Charcoal-grilled lamp chops in paprika and anchovy butter were salty, sour with a fiery kick at the end. Quite incredible.

We finished it off with signature cocktails, pomegranate infused gin with lime sugar syrup and lots of crushed ice. By the time we left we were in a happy food-coma. Morito, we will be back. Soon!

Morito 195 Hackney Road E2

Hales Golfwear

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Summer Ready?

Summer makes me think of long lazy days spent in the sun, flip flops permanently attached to my feet, dining alfresco, sipping ice-cold watermelon caipirinhas (ill post recipes soon!) and swimming in natural lakes.

Summer inevitably means baring more skin, as we prepare ourselves for all the sundresses, playsuits, shorts and swimsuits we'll hopefully get to wear. 

Hales Golfwear Summer '16 Collection
Remember that poster that caused so much turmoil amongst women when they paired a young bikini-clad woman with the question 'are you beach-body ready'?

Women everywhere went crazy. Some felt they were being preached to, that they had to conform to having model-type bodies. If they didn't look like the girl in the poster then did that mean they were not beach ready? Pressure and then some. I especially enjoyed the backlash with women posting pics in their bikinis, women of different races, sizes, body shapes, saying yes I'm beach-body ready, thank-you very much!

Needless to say the posters were removed.
  See how powerful our female voices are?

See how we can fundamentally change the world we live in?

We are all different. Some of us (me included) are not blessed with model figures, I'm a little too big and round in the backside, and my tummy sticks out a little, wearing bikinis fill me with fear. I have cellulite and I'm convinced everyone is looking at it and laughing. I once spent some pool time with my bf wrapped in a sarong because I was so self-conscious about my dimpled thighs. When I look back at the photos I realize how silly I was. 

It's so important to feel confident and comfortable in our skin, in our bodies whatever form they take. Loving our bodies and remembering how amazing they are. (We can run, skip, swim, hug, kiss, dance, play). I know it can be an uphill battle. I've had 'that' conversation with myself in the mirror many times.

Did you know that by smiling, even if its a fake smile you can fool your brain into secreting 'happy' hormones? Which then makes you smile for real. So by that theory, surely you can fake your way into feeling more confident, more powerful, more (insert what you want or need most here).

Athletes do it.
They imagine themselves winning the match, tournament or race. They live the moment in their minds over and over, visualizing how it will look and feel when they win. They fake it till they make it. And if it works for them then it can work for us too!

What you wear can also have a huge effect on how you feel. Giving you a major confidence boost or making you feel worse. Take a look at what you choose to wear, is it flattering, does the colour bring out your unique skin tones, does it make you look slimmer, curvier, do you look at yourself in the mirror and think 'I'm a winner'? Cause if you don't then it may be time to update your wardrobe. 

Hales Golfwear Summer 16 Collection
We all want sports clothing that makes us look fabulous and gets the job done. We want to look sexy but we don't want to have to bare all our skin to do that.  Its hard to get the perfect balance. Some get it right and others fail.

Hales Golfwear Summer '16 Collection
As a Fashion Designer and a woman I  want women to look their best, to feel comfortable and confident. So I create sportswear that is flattering, feminine and oh so stylish. Stand out for your style and your swing.


If something makes you happy then its worth having. Our fresh summer palette of fuchsias, corals and turquoise is so deliciously vibrant and fun, its easy to fall in love with it all.

So be bold. Be brave. Be fearless.

And if you cant be, then 'fake' it all the way.


Hales Golfwear